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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What I wore... (Sept. 28th)

Professional, classy, and're out the door and looking good!

This tank is probably one of the best, most versatile pieces in a woman's closet! Works perfectly with the layered look or by itself.

Great year-round Capri's...with the tights underneath gives great Autumn style and flare.

Nice little Fall touch, gotta keep those legs warm! :P

IN WHITE!! LoL...sorry no blue with this outfit. The wedge makes it a little easier on the feet during the day too.

What I wore... (Sept. 27th)

Simple, yet stylish. (and perfect for those days that you're feeling less than thin...)

Goes very well with the more baggy shirt--And with the shoes you're legs will look extra long :) [great for me, since I'm only 5'3"!!] These come in a bunch of different washes..So take your pick ladies!! And LOOK AT THE PRICE! For jeans, that's a steal!

Totally hott! Wore it low on my waist...added that extra umph! LoL

Elegant and Classy...great touch

Earrings-- Always a good idea (as long as the necklace isn't too big)

Nice big Jackie-O style sunglasses-- in black. These are a GREAT price!! Get Some!!

And for Shoes: Red Round-Toe Pumps (See Below)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stylish Sunglasses

Not only do these glasses come in any color you could want, they are at a price that anyone can afford. Totally stylish and a great accessory for any (and every) outfit. Hey get a few pairs, the sale price might not last long!

Christian Dior Sunglasses

Very stylish sunglasses--and compared to their original $370 price tag you get a pretty good discount. Comes in many different colors...white, nude, black, chrome, shiny black, etc. And I know that no matter where you're from you NEED sunglasses. Be it someplace where it's warm year-round [lucky!] or if you have 4 full seasons [like me], sunglasses are a complete necessity; and hey might as well look hott while wearing them!

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Seven for all Mankind jeans

Seven for all Mankind strecth bootcut jeans. Yes, I must admit they're a little pricey, but these jeans are forever. Amazing quality and the dark wash is such a classy look. Perfect jeans to go from day to night! And Hey, they'd go absolutely PERFECTLY with those red pumps below ;-)

Red Round-Toe pumps!

These shoes are so hott! And the price is even hotter!! Red pumps should be in every girls closet. Great with a pair of jeans or a cute skirt. Talk about a fashion statement with these ones. Love them!

Beyonce_ B'Day

Another new record...Beyonce's B-day. She for-sure had something on her mind when she went into the studio to cut this CD. There are some really strong tracks on here, a definite purchase for ALL women. Very empowering. Let me tell you, no matter what kind of day you're having (upset, stressed-out, excited, happy, etc.) this CD is the perfect thing to listen to. Great vocals, new beats, a total package.

Christina Aguilera_ Back to Basics

There is no doubt that this girl is super-super talented. When she sets out to create something she puts her entire heart and soul into it...and it shines from this CD. You get 2 CDs packed with classic soulful ballads, upbeat party songs, and some cool tracks that have an old-school feel. There is literally a song in the list for everyone. There hasn't been a record with this much versatility and emotion in a while. A great buy!

Justin Timberlake_ FutureSex/LoveSound

Well here it is...Justin Timberlakes new FutureSex/LoveSound cd. I love this record! It has such a great vibe to it. Lots of upbeat, must-dance songs; as well as some more mellow/calm ones. You can definitely tell that this record took some time and great creativity to produce. A MUST have for your cd collection (not to mention, extra cheap on Amazon). Enjoy it!!


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